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Technical Property Services, Inc. (TPSi) has been providing a variety of project management and real estate consulting services to property owners, investors, lending institutions, and asset and property managers since 1993.

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Real Estate Development Due Diligence & Project Evaluation

Site inspection of proposed development for review of existing conditions and utility and logistical challenges.
Review proposed hard costs, construction related soft costs and contract documents to assess budgets, completion schedule, and compliance with industry standard practices.
Review jurisdictional compliance for permitting and proposed quality assurance practices.
Identify concerns regarding budget, schedule, design document condition and anticipated scope of work.
Provide resilient design recommendations to enhance useful life expectancy of property or systems.  

Construction Progress Monitoring​ 

Regular site visits for observation of progression of the Work and consistency with expected timeline toward completion.

​​Oversight of construction to ensure compliance with the Construction Documents and permitting.
Review monthly payment requests for hard cost, select soft costs, and outstanding cost changes for budget conformity.

Pre-Acquisition Property Condition Assessment​ 

Property inspection for condition of plumbing, HVAC, fire protection, electrical and structural systems as well as building exteriors and general site. Multi-family facility inspections typically include 10% of dwelling units but can include all units when deemed necessary.
Investigate property for general compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and major variances from building ordinances.
Review available surveys, drawings, specifications, warranty and other occupancy-related documents.

PCA reports include a general description of the property and identification of deferred maintenance items or anticipated repairs with a 10-year capital expenditure plan.

Provide comment when systems may be capable of revitalization versus replacement, make appropriate recommendations to conserve energy, and or suggest applicable changes to reduce capital expenditures.
When necessary, make recommendations for further review by consultant having that specific expertise.

Ownership Property Condition Assessment

The Ownership Property Condition Assessment is an abbreviated Pre-Acquisition PCA but intended for an Asset or Property in need of a condition update and input for capital cost budgeting.
The site inspection is similar to a Pre-acquisition PCA focused primarily toward common or systemic conditions and any issues identified by property management.
The OPCA report identifies deferred maintenance issues and includes a short-term capital expenditure plan capital

Property Improvement Construction Management​ 

Determine with Client and property management the scope of the capital improvements program.
Develop schedule to complete improvements with identification of impact to tenants or users.
Facilitate the engagement of necessary design firms and consultants.

Manage the completion of the Work including the required permitting and employment of appropriate trade contractors.

Monthly reporting of project financials, scope of work revisions and schedule conformity.

Priority Reconnaissance​ 

Site inspection of existing property or new construction within 48 hours of request
Property report within 48 hours of site inspection
Report to identify conditional issues and include photographic record of property
New construction reports to address completion status and site conditions

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